The Turismo vs The Terreno: A Detailed Comparison for the Discerning Traveler

When deciding on the perfect luxury motorhome, we, Mountain Luxe RV, distinguish ourselves with RV offerings that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. Grasping the unique aspects of the Turismo and the Terreno is key to making a choice that fits your traveling aspirations.

Introduction to Grech RV’s Commitment to Excellence

Grech RV has established itself as a premier manufacturer of Class B motorhomes, dedicated to delivering an exceptional combination of comfort, functionality, and elegance. The Strada marks your entry into luxury, the Turismo exudes nimble luxury for the efficient traveler, and the Terreno offers expansive sophistication for those who yearn for more room to roam. To truly appreciate what sets each model apart, our video gallery awaits, offering a closer look at the intricate details that define each model.

If you’re considering whether to purchase The Strada or The Terreno, we invite you to read our comprehensive blog post: “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between the Grech RV Strada and Terreno Models.”

But if you find yourself weighing The Turismo against The Terreno, consider their distinctive qualities, before taking your decision.

Distinguishing Features of the Turismo and Terreno

The Turismo, with its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis, showcases versatility and agility, ideal for city streets and backcountry roads. Its more compact size (19’6″) belies a sophisticated interior that doesn’t compromise on luxury or drivability.

The Terreno is one of the few motorhomes crafted on the robust 3500XD, 170″ non-extended high roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis. It takes spaciousness to the next level, creating a more expansive living area and reinforcing stability and comfort for all your journeys, with its length of 22’10”.

Both models have the same width of 6’8″, but the Terreno is slightly taller at 10’2″, compared to the Turismo’s height of 9’10” (RWD) or 10’2″ (AWD).

Both models offer a robust foundation and reliable performance with 211 HP and 332 LB-FT torque.

Safety Features:

In the Turismo, you’ll find innovative features like the 360 camera, offering a comprehensive view of the vehicle, enhancing safety, and simplifying navigation. The Terreno, while lacking this specific feature, still provides a reliable backup camera system and the same advanced safety features as The Turismo to guarantee a secure and comfortable drive.

Both models come equipped with lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, providing peace of mind on long journeys. Front and rear parking sensors assure ease of parking, making even the most challenging spaces accessible.

Drive and Towing:

The Turismo is well-suited for varied landscapes, offering 2WD and an optional AWD for those seeking adventure on different terrains. Its 5,000-pound hitch rating adds to its versatility. The Terreno’s standard AWD, with the same hitch rating, is ready to take on more demanding environments, ensuring you can go wherever the road may lead.

Capacities and Capabilities

Fuel capacity is generous in both models at 24.5 gallons, supporting long-distance travel. Water system capacities are pivotal for off-grid travel. Water tanks differ, with the Turismo having a 16-gallon fresh water tank and the Terreno a larger 26-gallon tank. Grey water capacity is 26 gallons for the Turismo and 27 for the Terreno. Both models have a 13-gallon black water tank. To keep water tanks from freezing, they come with heated fresh and grey water tanks, and continuous hot water is a luxury feature that ensures comfort

Living and Comfort:

Both models are equipped with the ECO-COOL Gree AC system for climate control, offering unparalleled energy efficiency and whisper-quiet operation for a comfortable journey. This system includes a heat pump for versatile climate management and air ride suspension as standard, ensuring a smoother ride. Dive deeper into the benefits and innovative features of the ECO-COOL Gree AC by visiting our blog on this topic here.


Chassis and engine warranties are generous and identical for both models, offering 3 years/36,000 miles and 5 years/100,000 miles, respectively.

The Grech RV warranty also mirrors each other, with 3 years/36,000 miles coverage for added peace of mind.

Safety and Security

The Turismo is equipped with a 360 camera for superior surrounding visibility, which is unavailable in the Terreno.

Lane departure and adaptive cruise control are standard in both models, providing extra protection on long journeys.

Front and rear parking sensors are included in both models to aid in maneuvering in tight spaces.

Comfort and Convenience

Seat belts vary based on floor plans, with the Turismo providing 4 on the Tour Plan and 2 on the twin bed plan, while the Terreno offers 7 and 6, respectively. For images and more details you can check the floor plans here.

The bed sizes vary, with the Turismo offering a 66″WX73″ L or 69″x69″ twin option and the Terreno having a 66″WX76″ W size. Bed configurations provide personalized comfort, with the Turismo’s bed size adjusting based on the chosen plan and the Terreno providing a larger standard bed size.

Energy and Environment

Solar Panels and a powerful inverter in both models ensure energy independence, with the Terreno featuring an impressive 3000-watt inverter compared to the Turismo.

While both models can be special-ordered with a Propane Generator, they come standard with Lithium Ion Battery Power for eco-friendly energy consumption.

Additional Amenities

Both models are prepared for Starlink connectivity, promising high-speed internet on the go.

Waste management is hassle-free with the Macerator Dump System and Hydronic Heating ensures warmth throughout your travels.

Choosing Your Travel Companion


Choosing between The Turismo and The Terreno boils down to personal preference and travel needs. The Turismo is well-suited for those who prefer a nimble and efficient motorhome that provides all the necessary comforts in a compact package. On the other hand, The Terreno appeals to those who desire more space, power, and the added convenience of its larger size.

Grech RV motorhomes are designed to provide years of enjoyment and adventure. With a focus on delivering luxury and reliability, either choice will be a worthy travel companion. If you’re ready to explore these models in person or have further questions, you can contact us via phone at (877) 658-9378 or by e-mail at We’re also delighted to welcome you to our showroom at 3600 S Jason St, Englewood, CO, where you can experience the exceptional quality of Grech RV motorhomes firsthand.

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