LUSSO Sprinter

LUSSO Sprinter

Introducing the LUSSO, Grech RV’s luxury executive van, built on the solid foundation of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This modern marvel combines the sophistication of a private jet with the durability and performance of the industry-leading Sprinter, making it ideal for diverse activities—whether you’re hosting a successful business meeting, unwinding with a relaxing round of golf, enjoying a romantic date night, throwing a pre-game party, or attending a concert.


Advanced Engineering for Smooth Travel

Engineered for performance and comfort, the LUSSO sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD chassis with a 170” extended high roof that spans 24.2 feet in length. The chassis supports a 2.0L 4-cylinder High Output Diesel engine paired with a refined Kelderman air suspension system, ensuring every ride is smooth and stable, regardless of destination.

Tailored to Your Style and Needs

The LUSSO’s sleek exterior features a custom fiberglass body kit and a power entry step for ease of access. Customize your LUSSO from a selection of refined colors, including Iridium Silver, Grey White, Tenorite Grey, and Black, with the additional AWD option to suit various driving conditions.


Reserve Your LUSSO Today

The LUSSO by Grech RV redefines luxury travel, combining exquisite design with functional elegance. It’s the ultimate choice for those who demand superior comfort and reliability on the road. Contact us for details and pricing to start planning your adventures with the LUSSO. Each journey with the LUSSO promises to transform travel into a luxurious escape. Contact us at (877) 658-9378 or at We invite you to visit us at 3600 S Jason St, Englewood, CO 80110, to see the LUSSO firsthand. Otherwise, be sure to explore our extensive inventory online. Discover how the LUSSO can elevate your travel experiences by visiting Mountain Luxe RV today.

LUSSO Sprinter

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Spacious Interior Designed for Comfort

Upon entering the LUSSO Executive Van, passengers are welcomed into an environment that symbolizes luxury and comfort. The 10-passenger seating, exclusively designed by GRECH RV, goes beyond mere functionality. Each seat is a masterpiece of engineering designed for ultimate relaxation, featuring power reclining capabilities, adjustable leg lifts, and built-in heating and cooling options, complemented by a soothing massage feature.

Control over the LUSSO’s lavish interior is at your fingertips with an intuitive iPad Control System, making adjustments to the environment simple and streamlined. For added flexibility, the power side sofas can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping area, perfect for restful moments during long journeys.

The LUSSO’s commitment to convenience and luxury doesn’t stop there. It is equipped with essential amenities such as a refrigerator to keep refreshments chilled, a microwave, a secure safe for valuables, and a Nespresso machine for coffee. The onboard restroom is outfitted with a sink, and a high-quality porcelain toilet.

This thoughtful and innovative design allows the LUSSO to seamlessly transition from a luxury vehicle to a mobile office, redefining on-the-go luxury and functionality standards. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the LUSSO offers a comprehensive experience that caters to all aspects of your journey.


Eco-Friendly Power and Efficient Climate Control

The LUSSO is equipped with the Lithionics 12V lithium-ion battery system, a cutting-edge solution that delivers clean, silent power to operate all van features, even while stationary. This sophisticated system enables the use of LUSSO’s luxury amenities anywhere—from conducting important business meetings to enjoying leisure time at a sports event or tailgating with friends. It reliably powers the exceptionally quiet ECO-COOL A/C system for up to six hours solely on battery power.

Boasting a capacity of 610 amp hours (AH) and 7,808-watt hours (WH), this energy storage system ranks as the most robust and advanced available in the luxury van market. Unique in its category, our Lithionics batteries are the only ones that are both UL-listed and UL-tested, ensuring safety and reliability. Integrated seamlessly with the Firefly Integrations control system, these batteries are managed to maximize efficiency and longevity.

Additionally, the system includes a 60-amp DC-DC charger that automatically begins recharging the batteries when the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engine is running or when connected to a 30-amp shore power source while parked. Complemented by a 3,000-watt Xantrex Inverter and a 300-watt solar system, you can rest assured that the LUSSO’s battery system will remain charged, keeping you powered and ready for whatever your journey may bring.

LUSSO Sprinter Inventory

2025 Grech RV LUSSO Sprinter

2025 Grech RV LUSSO Sprinter

300 mi · $269,900 ·

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