The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between the Grech RV Strada and Terreno Models

Embarking on a journey with a Class B motorhome infuses every mile with luxury, Grech RV is at the forefront of crafting such prestigious travel experiences. At Mountain Luxe RV, we take pride in being a premier purveyor of Grech RV Motorhomes, and it’s our pleasure to introduce the personification of motorhome indulgence: the 2025 Strada and Terreno models. Forged on the robust foundations of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD chassis, these vehicles are the quintessential choice for adventurers who prize comfort and elegance. For those deliberating between the Strada and Terreno, our guide is your compass to finding the perfect fit for your voyages.



Grech RV: Defining Sophistication in Travel

Taking a moment to appreciate the lineage of Grech RV motorhomes positions us to understand their unrivaled luxury. With a reputation for crafting the finest Class B motorhomes, Grech RV is associated with sophistication and luxury. Choosing the Strada or the Terreno isn’t just about selecting a motorhome; it’s about investing in a legacy of delightful journeys and unmatched road experiences.


The Strada: Excellence in Mobility


The Strada represents the premier offering in the Grech RV collection, crafted on the innovative 2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD 170” Extended High Roof. Stretching an impressive 24.2 feet in length, this model is powered by a robust 4-cylinder Diesel High Output engine and a 9-speed transmission, setting a new standard for luxury in the Class B motorhome category. The Strada offers:

  • Ample storage, including a unique 15-inch space behind the seats for larger gear like golf clubs and grills.
  • Convenient cubbies with USB ports on each side of the seats.
  • A versatile seating area that extends into a 7-foot bed, complete with three headrests for ultimate comfort.
  • A spacious cabinet above the bed for additional storage needs.

The Terreno: Refined Adventure Awaits


The Terreno model, measuring 22.8 feet in total, is tailored for those who desire a blend of luxury and adventure. The Terreno is one of the few motorhomes manufactured on the 170” non-extended, 3500XD, high roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis. This version does not extend as the Strada does, having only a 4-5 inch storage space behind the seats for essentials like a folding table and camp chairs, but offers the same unique set of features, including:

  • The same robust 4-cylinder Diesel engine found in the Strada.
  • Pre-wiring for Starlink-in-motion, ensuring connectivity wherever your travels take you.
  • An innovative digital rear-view mirror camera for enhanced safety and convenience.
  • An extended side table kitchenette, newer fridge/freezer compartments, and an efficient Gree AC 12-volt 15k unit for your comfort and convenience.

Deciding on Your Grech RV: The Strada or Terreno?

Selecting the perfect Grech RV for your travel escapades is an exciting choice, made even more so by the Strada and Terreno’s 2025 enhancements. Both models now boast dual rear wheels, offering improved road command and durability in various weather and terrain conditions. The latest models are also equipped with a refined air suspension system, ensuring a more serene and plush journey by absorbing road irregularities. Additionally, with a generous towing ability of 5000 lbs, the Strada and Terreno are ready to haul a diverse range of travel essentials and gear, from compact trailers to outdoor equipment, amplifying the scope of your outdoor excursions.

As you weigh your options, we invite you to delve deeper into each model’s individual characteristics and offerings through our video gallery. Discover the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative amenities that place the Strada and Terreno in a league of their own within the luxury motorhome sphere.

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