Grech RV Luxury Class B Vans – Which Model is Right for You?

Mountain Luxe RV is here to help you decide on the right Grech RV Luxury Class B Camper Van for you!

We are the exclusive Grech RV dealer in Colorado and your go-to resource for any details regarding Grech RV models, features and even discovering them in person at our Grech RV Dealership. One of the nice things about the Grech RV models is that all of their Luxury Sprinter Camper Van models come with many higher-end features as standard on every unit, including solar panels. Here are some of the differences between the models.


The most obvious difference between the Grech RV models is the length of the vehicle. The approximate lengths of each are as follows: Strada 24 feet, Terreno 22 feet and Turismo 19 feet.

Full-Size Models

Strada and Terreno: The two larger models – the Strada and Terreno – are built on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 XD 170” wheel base high roof diesel duly chassis. The Strada is the extended version, which gives it the extra 2 feet or so over the Terreno. Note that the Full-size models also come equipped with upgraded air suspension for a smoother drive.

Compact Model

The Grech RV Turismo: The more compact model – the Turismo – is built on the Mercedes-Benz 2500 144” wheel base high roof diesel chassis.

Some questions that help decide on length include:

What is your intended use?

For example, compact models may be better for off-road adventures. Full-size models are better for a group of 2 touring longer distances.

How much storage do you need?

While there is plenty of overhead storage inside the van, only the Strada has rear storage behind the sofa bed. Do you need the extra space for storage? Do you have another storage solution in mind (towable trailer, rear storage attachment, etc.)?

Where will you be parking (for storage and on trips)?

Are there any length (or height) restrictions?

What is your budget?

The longer the model, the higher the price – but the difference might not be as big as you think. When you are talking about the limited space in a B-van, getting into a van that fits your needs well is critical and may be worth the marginal additional cost.


Another consideration that goes hand-in-hand with length is the floor plan. The major considerations here are :

1) How many people do you plan to travel with and

2) What is your intended use?

The compact Grech RV Turismo comes in one floorplan and seats up to 2 passengers (2 in the front, and 2 in the back). This compact floorplan elegantly fits all the same features as the full-size model in a smaller space. In order to do to this, the sofa bed, when full extended, is partially under the cabinetry (this is where your feet will go!).

The full-sized models (Grech RV Strada and Grech RV Terreno) come in two floorplans – Tour and Lounge. There is no cost difference between the two floorplans.

  • Lounge Floorplan: The Lounge Floor plan seats up to 9 passengers (4 in the front, 5 in the back), and includes two captains chairs just behind the driver and front passenger seats. The retracted sofa bed and ottomans seat an additional 5 passengers. The Lounge Floorplan also has an additional TV in the front of the van, with pairing wireless headsets. There is no closet, and you lose some kitchen space (smaller counter and refrigerator). The Lounge is excellent for travelling with kids or larger parties and tailgating.
  • Tour Floorplan: The Tour floorplan seats up to 7 passengers (2 in the front, 5 in the back). The Tour has more space around the entry/kitchen areas, a closet and larger kitchen counter and refrigerator. The Tour is popular for two people touring together who intend to camp, eat and/or sleep in the unit for longer trips.

All floorplans sleep up to two passengers without any after-market products or alterations. Additionally, all floorplans include approximately the same size wet bath.

Ion or Standard

The Ion Package is more expensive, but it’s worth every penny. The Lithium-ion battery energy storage system provides clean and quiet 12V lithium-ion-based energy that will power your entire motorhome (1,260 Amp Hour / 16,128 Watt Hour). This is the most advanced technology for powering your B-van. The energy system integrates with the Firefly system so you can control everything from the touch screens in the van or on your mobile device. No propane generator is required!

If you are looking for the less expensive alternative and don’t mind a propane generator, every standard Grech RV model comes equipped with the ultra-quiet Cummins Onan 2.5kW (LPG) program generator.

4×4 or Rear-Wheel Drive

In Colorado, 4-wheel drive (4×4) is recommended, but it may not be necessary depending on your intended use. If you plan on driving your Grech RV off the beaten path, the hi/lo functionality and additional ground clearance may be helpful. If you are touring to and from certain locations or camping at designated sites during the summer months, the rear-wheel drive may be a better option for you. Of course, when and where you plan to drive matters too – if you plan to drive to the mountains in icy winter conditions here in Colorado, a 4-wheel drive is critical.

Starting with the 2024 model of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans, Mercedes-Benz will replace the 4-Wheel Drive with a 4-Cylinder All Wheel Drive option.


What colors are you after? There is never an additional charge for color in a Grech RV. Availability is key, however, here are all of the options –

  • Exterior colors (Mercedes-Benz factory): Iridium Silver, Grey White, Tenorite Grey, Grey Blue, and sometimes some additional colors based on availability.
  • Interior colors (Grech RV): Light or Dark, in either case with beige upholstery.

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