RV Service at Mountain Luxe RV

Mountain Luxe RV is now accepting online requests for service appointments for all Grech RV models, including:

  • Grech RV Warranty Repairs (require manufacturer approval)
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Rear Hinge Storage Installation (Tire Carriers, Boxes, Bike Racks, etc.)
  • In-Motion Starlink Installation (2025 models and beyond)
  • Winterization/De-Winterization
  • RV Systems Check

We only service recreational vehicle components on RVs manufactured by Grech RV. Give us a call to discuss services and schedule an appointment.


Service FAQs


How do I contact Grech RV directly for technical assistance, warranty repair approval or parts requests?

The quickest way to submit a request to Grech RV directly is by submitting the appropriate form here.


What do I do if I have a question to schedule service of a Mercedes Benz component of my Grech RV?

Locate a nearby Mercedes-Benz dealer that services Sprinter Vans using the MB Vans Dealer locator.


What resources can I use to try to troubleshoot a Grech RV systems issue on my own?

Check out videos from the Grech RV Signature Training Series on YouTube to see if the topic you are looking for is covered, here.

You can also consult the Grech RV owner’s manuals, available for download on the Grech RV website under the “Specifications” section of the page for your Grech RV model.


How do I winterize/de-winterize my Grech RV on my own?

Find the appropriate video on winterization/de-winterization for your Grech RV model from the Grech RV Signature Training Series on YouTube here.