Grech RV Floorplans

The compact Turismo comes in one floorplan and seats up to 2 passengers (2 in the front, and 2 in the back). This compact floorplan elegantly fits all the same features as the full-size model in a smaller space. In order to do to this, the sofa bed, when fully extended, is partially under the cabinetry (this is where your feet will go!).

Compact Tour

All Turismo Models

The full-sized models (Strada and Terreno) come in two floorplans – Tour and Lounge.

  • Lounge Floorplan: The Lounge Floor plan seats up to 9 passengers (4 in the front, 5 in the back), and includes two captains chairs just behind the driver and front passenger seats. The retracted sofa bed and ottomans seat an additional 5 passengers. The Lounge Floorplan also has an additional TV in the front of the van, with pairing wireless headsets. There is no closet, and you lose some kitchen space (smaller counter and refrigerator). The Lounge is excellent for travelling with kids or larger parties and tailgating.


Available for all Terreno and Strada Models

  • Tour Floorplan: The Tour floorplan seats up to 7 passengers (2 in the front, 5 in the back). The Tour has more space around the entry/kitchen areas, a closet and larger kitchen counter and refrigerator. The Tour is popular for two people touring together who intend to camp, eat and/or sleep in the unit for longer trips.


Available for all Terreno and Strada Models

All floorplans sleep up to two passengers and include approximately the same size wet bath.