Journeying Beyond the Sale: Our Unrivaled RV Induction Process

The Mountain Luxe Difference

There’s a journey, and then there’s our Mountain Luxe journey. Every RV enthusiast knows the thrill of hitting the open road. But the initiation of that adventure? It’s more than just handing over the keys. At Mountain Luxe, we believe in ensuring our customers are satisfied and confident about their purchases. The induction process we’ve curated doesn’t just focus on the transaction; it emphasizes the experience. It’s about immersing you in the luxury and comfort of your new RV, with every detail meticulously attended to.

The Importance of Pre-Delivery Orientation

Setting out in an RV is a unique adventure, but preparation is the key, like any journey. But before you do just that, our team guarantees you’re fully acquainted with every facet of your vehicle. This isn’t a mere handover; it’s an intimate orientation designed to answer every question, cater to every uncertainty, and equip you with knowledge that transforms your RV drives from ordinary to extraordinary.

A Walkthrough Like No Other

Imagine a personalized tour just for you, where every feature of your RV is explained in detail. While most orientations can feel like a sprint, ours is a session spanning 3 to 5 hours. We pride ourselves on this intricate walkthrough. Every switch, button, amenity, and hidden feature is unveiled. Our experts won’t just tell you; they will show you. By the end of this walkthrough, you won’t just own an RV – you’ll master it. Whether you’re an RV novice or a seasoned road warrior, our orientation adapts to your rhythm, mirroring the comfort and elegance fundamental to every Grech RV model, whether it is the Strada, Terreno, or Turismo.

The Priceless Experience at No Extra Cost

At Mountain Luxe, we understand value isn’t just about dollars and cents. The real value is in the experience. Our induction process is extensive, enlightening, and, above all, offered at no additional cost. Because to us, ensuring that you set off with confidence and joy is not an upsell; it’s our standard.

Beyond the Orientation: Our Continued Support

Your journey with Mountain Luxe doesn’t end when you drive off the lot. We’re with you at every curve and crossroad. Our post-purchase support ensures that you have continued access to our team of experts, ready to assist whenever you need. Whether it’s a technical question, a travel suggestion, or just a chat about the best RV experiences, we’re here. Always.

Embarking on New Horizons: Connect with Mountain Luxe RV

As we draw this narrative to a close, allow us to extend an invitation. Delve deeper into our world, explore our inventory, or simply start a conversation with us. Connect with us by phone at (877) 658-9378 or drop us an e-mail at

Better yet, why not experience the Mountain Luxe difference firsthand? We invite you to visit us at our 3600 S Jason St, Englewood, CO 80110-3431 showroom. The horizon is vast, and with Mountain Luxe, every journey is bound to be luxurious.

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