Grech RV Comparison to Airstream Interstate

A Search for the Ultimate Luxury Motorhome

When choosing a luxury Class B RV, Grech RV vs Airstream Interstate is a common debate. Both are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van chassis and offer a high level of features, holding the title of being the most luxurious Class B motorhomes on the market.

The best way to see the differences and do your own Airstream and Grech RV review is to tour and test drive both coaches for yourself.

We at Mountain Luxe RV are the Colorado dealer for Grech RV – so we may be somewhat biased (because we love our product!), BUT here are just a few reasons we are convinced that Grech RV wins this epic luxury Class B battle.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Overall Quality

In your Airstream Grech RV comparison, you will find that both coaches are on the high end of the quality spectrum. Airstream’s brand is widely known for its quality and design across its product line. However, Airstream is a subsidiary of a goliath RV manufacturer, and you can see some loss in the attention to detail if you pay close attention. Grech RV is an independent family-owned manufacturer that prides itself on its quality, attention to detail and customer service.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Chassis Options

Both the Grech RV and Airstream Interstate have models built on the shorter ~19-foot (144” wheel base) and longer ~24-foot (170” wheel base, extended) Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. Both builds offer AWD as an optional upgrade. In either case, you cannot beat the drive, reliability and service that you get with an RV built on a brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

Grech RV also offers a mid-size model built on the ~22-foot (170” wheel base, non-extended), which gives you the luxury drive with the added air suspension system that you get in the larger model, but takes about 15 inches off the length of the coach. Grech RV also offers a few additional exterior color options and does not charge extra for any exterior color choice.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Cost and Value

Buying an RV is a significant investment. When you’re looking at two of the most sought-after motorhomes on the market, the price tag is going to be high. In terms of Airstream vs Grech costs, however, Grech RVs are less expensive with more included in the standard features. After adding additional costs for interior and/or exterior color options, AWD and the E1 lithium ion package, an Airstream’s MSRP adds up to quite a bit more than the comparable Grech RV. Also consider the total cost of your purchase from a dealer, including additional  charges for shipping, freight, orientation, etc.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Lithium-Ion Battery System

In either case, Airstream or Grech RV, we highly recommend the lithium-ion battery system – it eliminates the need for propane and gives you significantly more interior power for your journey. The Grech RV lithium-ion battery system will give you ~4,000 additional Watt Hours and has a larger secondary alternator that allows you to charge the vehicle from idle.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Utility Center

One of the hallmark features of the Grech RV line is the patent-pending all-in-one utility center. For new RVers, this may not seem like a big deal – but to a veteran RVer, you can immediately spot the difference. The Grech RV utility center is a concealed, lit, and locked stainless-steel compartment that blends seamlessly into the exterior of the vehicle. Everything is in one place, and nobody will know it’s there. This eliminates the 8 compartments with doors unevenly dispersed alongside the driver side of the vehicle that you get in an Airstream vs. what you get with a Grech RV.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Wet Bath

The wet baths (bathroom with a toilet and shower combination) in each of the Grech RV and Airstream Interstate are largely the same, except for a few key differences. The Grech RV wet bath is slightly larger in every model and has an exterior window with a privacy shade. A bathroom in a Class B van is always going to be a tight squeeze – so the little bit of extra room and window really can make a big difference in how you experience the van.

Grech RV vs Airstream: System Controls

Both the Grech RV and Airstream Interstate include touchscreen system controls that can be used to control the entirety of the coach. The Grech RV also allows this system to be controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Solar System

Both the Grech RV and Airstream are going to come standard with a comparable amount of solar capacity. However, with a Grech RV you will get more durable glass-encased solar panels, an upgrade from the flexible solar panels that come with an Airstream Interstate.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Kitchen

If you are looking at the lithium-ion battery system in your Airstream vs. Grech RV comparison, the Grech RV will come with a 2-burner induction cooktop vs. the Airsteam’s 1-burner. Grech RV also comes with a modern farmhouse sink and a 3-in-1 microwave/convection oven/air fryer combo.

Grech RV vs Airstream: Exterior

Details matter, folks! The Grech RV does extra work to make the coach’s exterior scream luxury, including additional chrome detailing and ground kit fabrication.

Grech RV is the Winner! Come See for Yourself

If we haven’t convinced you already, come in or call us at Mountain Luxe RV at (877) 658-9378 for a tour of the Grech RV models and/or more information! You can also visit our YouTube Channel for a library of videos, including feature highlights and reviews.

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