Discover the Superiority of Kelderman Air Suspension in Grech RV Motorhomes

At Mountain Luxe RV, we take pride in being a premier dealer of Grech RV Motorhomes, where luxury meets the open road. Our commitment is to provide exceptional motorhomes and an experience that embodies sophistication and comfort. Here, you’ll find a selection of RVs that redefine the standards of luxury travel, each meticulously crafted to ensure your adventures are as memorable as they are comfortable.

See the Excellence of Kelderman Air Suspension in Grech RV Motorhomes

One of the most remarkable features that set Grech RV Motorhomes apart is the Kelderman Air Suspension system, a hallmark of the mid-size Terreno and Strada models. This state-of-the-art suspension system promises a smooth ride, transforming every journey into a serene and enjoyable experience. The superiority of Kelderman Air Suspension lies not only in its performance but also in its intricate design and manufacturing process.

To offer you a closer look at this cutting-edge technology, we recommend watching an insightful behind-the-scenes video by LivinRvision. This video provides an exclusive tour of the Kelderman factory, along with expert commentary from Jeff Kelderman, Vice President of Kelderman. It’s a unique opportunity to understand how this advanced air suspension system enhances the luxury and comfort of the Grech RV Motorhomes.

GRECH RV STRADA ION: A Fusion of Elegance and Advanced Technology

The 2024 GRECH RV STRADA ION stands out with its stunning, modern exterior, showcasing a blend of style and innovation. This motorhome is not just about looks; it’s a technological marvel. Inside, the Strada-Ion offers a luxurious experience, thanks to the FireFly System for smart home automation. This feature allows for seamless control of lighting, temperature, and entertainment, providing comfort and convenience at your fingertips. The interior is thoughtfully designed with a spacious sleeping area, a state-of-the-art kitchenette featuring high-quality appliances, and a wet bath that offers a serene escape.

Measuring approximately 24.2 feet in length, the Strada-Ion is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD 170” Extended High Roof chassis with a 4 Cylinder Diesel engine. It offers two floorplan options – the Tour and Lounge – to accommodate different travel needs. The Tour floorplan seats up to seven passengers, while the Lounge can comfortably seat up to nine, ensuring everyone travels in comfort and style. The integration of a lithium-ion battery system in the Strada-Ion ensures a reliable power source, complemented by a 3,000 Watt Xantrax Inverter and 300 Watt Zamp Solar system, providing consistent energy for all your travel needs.

GRECH RV TERRENO: A Masterpiece of Comfort and Design

The Grech RV Terreno exemplifies luxury in the Class B motorhome segment. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD 170” High Roof, this motorhome, just over 22 feet in length, combines size with superior design. It sets a new standard in the motorhome experience with its lavish amenities and practical features. The Terreno’s interior is a testament to Grech RV’s commitment to quality, featuring plush Ultraleather seating, premium kitchen appliances, and an enclosed wet bath that defines luxury on the road.

The Terreno offers two optional packages – the Ion Package and the AWD Package – and is available in two floorplans, the Tour and Lounge, catering to various preferences and group sizes. The Tour floorplan is ideal for up to seven passengers, offering a comfortable and luxurious travel experience, while the Lounge floorplan seats up to nine passengers, perfect for larger groups or those seeking extra space. The Terreno’s Lithium-ion battery system provides a dependable and efficient power source for your travels, further enhanced by the 4×4 drivetrain option for those seeking off-road adventures. With its combination of luxury, design, and performance, the Terreno is a standout choice for discerning travelers.

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In summary, the Kelderman Air Suspension in Grech RV Motorhomes represents more than just an enhancement; it transforms your travel experience into a realm of unmatched comfort and luxury. At Mountain Luxe RV, we are ready to help you find the ideal Grech RV Motorhome that meets your lifestyle and preferences. Begin your next adventure with confidence and style, with us as your guide.

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